Senior Housing without Age Requirement Search

As pricing and availabilities regularly change, please call the properties to confirm the information in our database is correct.

NameCountyAddressPhone NumberWheelchairBedroomsPetsDepositLeases
811 Knickerbocker ApartmentsTom Green811-819 Knickerbocker Rd / 76903325-658-9032Upon Request1, 2, 3Yes$250-$4006 months
Alamo Village ApartmentsTom Green4459 Green Valley Trail / 76904325-944-4822No1, 2, 3Yes$2006 months
Angelo Place ApartmentsTom Green1426 Western Court / 76904325-655-6300YesDorm LivingYes06 months
Appletree ApartmentsTom Green621 Baker Street / 76903325-659-4567Yes2No$4006 & 12 months
Arden Arms ApartmentsTom Green3755 Arden Road / 76904325-944-2552Tenant Can Modify0, 1, 2, 3Yes$175-$37512 months
Arden Ridge ApartmentsTom Green3801 Arden Road / 76901325-949-1558Upon Request0, 1, 2, 3, 4Yes$250-$4006, 9 & 12 months
Arroyo Square ApartmentsTom Green2431 College Hills Blvd. / 76904325-944-4429Upon Request1, 2, 3Yes$200-$3003, 6, 9 & 12 months
Ashley Oaks ApartmentsTom Green3425 YMCA Drive / 76904325-942-9688Upon Request1, 2Yes$400-$5006 & 12 months
Beauregard Lofts ApartmentsTom Green30 W. Beauregard,Suite 100/76903325-234-2661No1YesNANA
Bella Vista ApartmentsTom Green4125 Ben Ficklin Road / 76903325-653-3179Upon Request1, 2Yes$300-$4006 & 12 months
Bellagio ApartmentsTom Green2508 Sweetbriar Drive / 76904325-944-1234No1, 2, 3Yes$300-$4006 & 12 months
Bent Tree ApartmentsTom Green1625 Sunset Drive / 76904325-942-8171Yes0, 2, 3Yes$200-$3006 & 12 months
Cactus Hotel ApartmentsTom Green36 E. Twohig Avenue #208 / 76903325-655-5000No1Yes1st Month's Rent12 months
Cameron Place ApartmentsTom Green5014 West Way Drive / 76904325-617-5962Yes1, 2Yes$275-$3756 & 12 months
Candlelight ApartmentsTom Green15 E. 31st Street / 76903325-486-8576Yes1Yes1st Month's Rent12 months
Capri ApartmentsTom Green602 W. Avenue M / 76903325-653-4680Upon Request1Yes$2506 months
Casa Rio ApartmentsTom Green4190 Ben Ficklin Road / 76903325-658-1811Upon Request1, 2No$300-$3506,9 & 12 months
Cedar Crest Lakeview ApartmentsTom Green12 E. 29th Street / 76903325-944-1413Yes1, 2Yes$250-$30012 months
Cedar Crest North ApartmentsTom Green3902 Sherwood Way / 76901325-944-1413Tenant Can Modify1, 2Yes$250-$30012 months
Cedar Crest South ApartmentsTom Green4401 Southwest Blvd. / 76904325-944-1413Tenant Can Modify1, 2Yes$250-$30012 months
Century Terrace ApartmentsTom Green4717 South Jackson / 76903325-658-2674Yes1, 2Yes$3006 &12 months
Cielo Vista ApartmentsTom Green34 Cieo Vista / 76904325-949-5739Upon Request1, 2, 3Yes$300-$7006 & 12 months
Cliff House ApartmentsTom Green1820 South Harrison / 76904325-947-0553Yes1No$225-$2756 & 12 months
College Hills West ApartmentsTom Green3426 Millbrook / 76904325-949-9613Upon Request1, 2, 3Yes$250-$4503, 6, 9 & 12 months
Concho Terrace ApartmentsTom Green2017 Vaughn Street / 76903325-653-6458Upon Request1, 2No$230-$2506 & 12 months
Creekside ApartmentsTom Green3018 Knickerbocker Road / 76904325-944-8555No1, 2Yes$5003-13 months
Crestwood Terrace ApartmentsTom Green3130 W. Beauregard St. / 76904325-944-2552Upon Request1, 2, 3Yes$275-$47512 months
Crockett ApartmentsCrockett168 TX-163 Ozona / 76943325-392-3424Yes1, 2No$473-$55512 months
Cross Keys ApartmentsTom Green1222 S. Bryant / 76903325-655-7714No1, 2YesNA6 months
Deer Creek ApartmentsMenard507 Mesquite Menard / 76859325-396-2626No1, 2Yes1st Month's Rent12 months
Depot FlatsTom Green350 W Ave L, San Angelo, TX 76903325-617-4650No0, 2Yes$5006-12 months
Desert Shadows ApartmentsTom Green4112 W. Loop 306 / 76904325-942-7561Upon Request1, 2Yes$200-$3006 & 12 months
Dominguez PropertyTom Green23 E Ave K #8325-656-2018Yes1No$40012 months
East Terrace ApartmentsTom Green515 N. Bell / 76903325-658-9032No1Yes$250+6 months
El Conquistador ApartmentsTom Green1737 Knickerbocker Road / 76904325-944-2223Tenant Can Modify1, 2No$200-$3006 months
Encino Park ApartmentsTom Green4022 Green Meadow Drive / 76904325-223-0797Yes2, 3Yes$200-$2506-12 months
Fall Creek ApartmentsTom Green4445 Fall Creek Drive #19 / 76904325-949-1205Yes1, 2No$250-$3506 & 12 months
Greenwood ApartmentsTom Green1516 Greenwood Street / 76901325-234-4994Tenant Can Modify1, 2Yes$3506 & 12 months
Greystone Village ApartmentsTom Green2801 San Antonio Street / 76901325-658-9032Tenant Can Modify1, 2Yes$250-$3006 months
Hampton Arms ApartmentsTom Green1901 Pulliam Street / 76905325-944-3596Yes1, 2No$30012 months
Harris Avenue ApartmentsTom Green318 E. Harris / 76903325-653-3179No1, 2No$300-$4006 & 12 months
Harvard House ApartmentsTom Green2465 Harvard Avenue / 76904325-944-4262Tenant Can Modify1, 2, 3Yes$250-$3506, 9 & 12 months
Hunter's Run ApartmentsTom Green3435 Greenmeadow Dr./76904325-944-3264Upon Request1, 2No$250-$35012 months
La Mesa ApartmentsTom Green102 Maryland Street / 76905325-944-3596Yes2No$30012 months
Lakeshore VillageTom Green7702 Sentinel Circle / 76904325-276-3562Upon Request2, 3Yes$400-$50012 months
Las Rosas ApartmentsTom Green3002 N. Chadbourne St. / 76903325-653-3506Yes1, 2No$250-$300Month to Month
Meadow Creek VillageTom Green4402 Meadow Creek Trail/76904325-949-6534Tenant Can Modify1, 2, 3Yes$250-$3506 & 12 months
New Bella ApartmentsTom Green2010 Greenwood / 76901325-261-0231No1, 2No$400-$50012 months
Northgate Main Place ApartmentsTom Green302 N. Main St and 401 Pulliam St/76903325-658-9032No1, 2Yes$2506 months
Nueva Vista ApartmentsTom Green2401 N. Lillie Street / 76903325-658-3553Upon Request1, 2, 3NoIncome Dependent12 months
Oxford Court ApartmentsTom Green298 Robin Hood Trail / 76901325-944-3220Upon Request1, 2No$250-$3506 & 12 months
Ozona Oakes ApartmentsCrockett1101 11th St Ozona / 76943325-392-4009Yes1, 2Yes$2006 Months
Parsons PlaceTom Green607 Parsons/76903325-944-3596Yes1, 2No$3006-12 Months
Plaza Square ApartmentsTom Green4001 Sul Ross Street / 76904325-944-9672Upon Request1, 2, 3Yes$250-$4503, 6, 9 & 12 months
Raintree ApartmentsTom Green2228 Valley View Drive / 76904325-942-7533Upon Request1, 2Yes$3006 & 12 months
River Pointe ApartmentsTom Green1173 Benedict Drive / 76903325-653-1463Yes1, 2, 3, 4No$150-$3006 and 12 months
River Ranch ApartmentsTom Green4225 S. Jackson Street / 76903325-942-9870Yes2, 3Yes$300-$4006 and 12 months
Rock Brook ApartmentsTom Green3326 Rock Brook Drive / 76904325-942-9582Tenant Can Modify1, 2Yes$500-$7003-12 months
Rosewood Park ApartmentsTom Green1711 Greenwood Street / 76901325-944-4817Yes1, 2, 4Yes$600-$8006-12 months
Royal Lane ApartmentsTom Green302 Allen Street / 76903325-944-3596Yes2, 3No$30012 months
Sagebrush ApartmentsTom Green225 E. 3rd St / 76903325-653-3506Yes1, 2Yes$500-$5256 months
Sagebrush Apartments (Brady)McCulloch216 Lynn Gavit Brady / 76825325-597-7558Yes1, 2, 3Yes$30012 months
Sandpiper ApartmentsTom Green3310 N. Bryant Blvd. / 76903325-658-4897Yes2, 3Yes$375-$40012 months
Sedona Ranch ApartmentsTom Green2901 Sunset Drive /76904325-944-1536Yes1, 2Yes$250-$3503-12 months
Sonterra West ApartmentsTom Green3433 Arden Road / 76901325-949-7814Upon Request1, 2Yes$200-$3006 & 12 months
Southland Arms ApartmentsTom Green2617 Southland Blvd. / 76904325-949-8998No1, 2Yes$300-$4006 and 12 months
Stadium Oaks ApartmentsTom Green2123 Industrial Avenue /76904325-942-0311Upon Request1, 2Yes$150-$2006, 9 and 12 months
Sunset ApartmentsTom Green1701 Sunset Drive / 76904325-949-9666No1, 2Yes$250-$3503-12 months
The Annex ApartmentsTom Green1624 Sunset Drive / 76904325-949-9666Upon Request2Yes$2503-12 months
The BLVD ApartmentsTom Green6133 Sherwood Way / 76901325-617-7863Yes1, 2, 3Yes$200-$4003-15 months
The BLVD Phase II ApartmentsTom Green7101 Appaloosa Trail / 76901325-703-6003Yes1, 2, 3Yes$200-$4003-15 months
The Brixton ApartmentsTom Green555 Smith Blvd. / 76905325-653-0821Tenant Can Modify1, 2Yes$250-$3503-12 months
The Park on Paint Rock ApartmentsTom Green850 Paint Rock Road / 76905325-651-6332Upon Request1, 2Yes2503, 6 & 12 months
The Resort at Riverside ApartmentsTom Green3002-3306 N. Braynt Blvd. / 76903325-655-5969No0, 2, 3Yes$300-$4006 & 12 months
The River Edge ApartmentsTom Green908 Shiloh Street / 76901325-234-3434No1, 2, 3No$3506 & 12 months
Tuscany ApartmentsTom Green1818 S. Lincoln Street / 76904325-942-8198Upon Request0, 1, 2Yes$35012 months
Village ApartmentsTom Green212-B S. Fillmore Street / 76901325-949-3535Yes2Yes$3506 & 12 months
Villonia ApartmentsTom Green2909 San Antonio Street / 76903325-944-3596Tenant Can Modify1, 2No$3006 & 12 months
Vistas at Red Creek ApartmentsTom Green5751 Green Hill Road / 76901325-703-6444Yes1, 2, 3Yes$300-$5006 & 12 months
Walnut Square ApartmentsTom Green725 N. Bshop / 76903325-658-9032No1Yes$2756 months
Wellington Place ApartmentsTom Green4110 Wellington Street / 76904325-942-0783No1, 2Yes$200-$30012 months
Wildewood ApartmentsTom Green3410 Wildewood Dr / 76904325-949-0327Yes1, 2, 3Yes$250-$3503, 6 and 12 months
Windmill Park ApartmentsTom Green1929 Raney Street325-949-5235Upon Request1, 2Yes$325-$3756-12 months
Windy Meadows ApartmentsTom Green262 North Magdalen / 76903325-481-4392Yes1NoIncome Dependent6 & 12 months